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Yeah! Yeah! I’m a Mary Poppin’s Pooch in a strong wind.

Funny thing though. I get to pee at the top of the lamp post. Nice.

bat dog

Na nanananana Bat Dog!

Catwomen be afraid. Be very afraid.


My owner says I’m Michael Jackson

Sooo not true. I’m Russell Brand.

fire engine corgi

How do I put out fires? Don’t ask.

It’s pathetic! I asked for Armani and they gave me this!


I’m a poodle House Frau cross. That makes me a Froodle!!!!!


The humiliation. Oh, the humiliation! I’m a Hello Kitty Chihuahua!

Fake Bananas:

Madam Madusa says ‘Some are mad and some are truly BARKING MAD!’.


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