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The all-new IKEA Hundstol is perfect for pet owners who pamper their dogs just as they would a human baby. The high chair is especially designed for dogs, with a range of sizes to accommodate different breeds and a hole at the back of the chair for your puppy’s tail.


…………the ad was produced for April Fools Day 2011 by IKEA Australia.

We can  only look forward to:

* Shitz Boxes for storing useless stuff.

*The Maaaate 10-Seat Sofa. Sleeps 3 drunken mates.

* The Smasjova Lamp to break playing  indoor football.

* The Uzlez Bowl for … who knows?

* The Auspoov combined footstool-barfridge on castors with ankle strap. It follows you around the house.

Fake Bananas:

Madam Madusa says a flat pack bookcase can be turned in 3 minutes into a useless heap of blond wood.


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