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What these crazy wedding cake toppers are trying to say?

In the next photo

I’ll balance your balls on my nose.


With this, ah, ring I thee wed.


My Heart will go on,

but my liver’s had it.


Ha! I’ve hooked your Wedding Tackle!

OMG! Ken, you’re right. You haven’t got one!


Do you think it’s going to rain, dear?


Now for the bridal toast:

Open Up the Legos

Fake Bananas:

Madam Madusa says ‘I thought the people I knew were normal until I married one’.


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Why worry your pretty little heads about cleaning up after Fluffy or Woofy

when you can have your very own


They wobble.

They glo-in-the-dark.

They go nicely with your glo-in-the-dark pith helmet

and  life-sized, inflatable David Attenborough!

Buy @ Solar Powered Meerkats

Fake Bananas:

Madam Madusa says ‘Bewarned: This is what those ad gurus call meerkating to the masses.’

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What a Hoot!

Now you can have your very own owl

just like Harry Potter’s owl,


It hoots. It wobbles. It’s eyes glo-in-the-dark.

And – as in the ad – it terrifies cartoon cats!

Buy @ Solar Products

Or, why not buy 2 and have a lovely pair of HOOTERS.

But if you want your owl, say, Hedwacked,  to deliver letters

like Hedwig, attach a letter to him

with a rubber band and throw it at the postman.

(If the postman gets angry,just

hide under your glo-in-the-dark solar-powered invisibility cape)

Fake Bananas:

Madam Madusa says ‘Owl be seeing you/In all the old familiar places / That this heart of mine embraces / All day through … and now at night/ ‘cos I’m solar too!!!!

with apologies to Jimmy Durante.

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Now you too can Toucan with these solar jungle birds.

And there is nothing like a glo-in-the dark cockatoo!


Buy @ Solar Jungle Birds

Fake Bananas:

Madam Madusa says ‘Polly might be pretty but you can’t beat a glo-in-the-dark shag on a rock.’

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