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Experienced wildlife filmmaker Chris Palmer shocked the public when he exposed some of the tricks used by nature filmmakers in his book Shooting in the Wild: An insider’s account of making movies in the animal kingdom.

The ‘wild’ wolves in the IMAX film, Wolves, were rented from a wildlife park and released from cages in the game park. A wolf could cost US$5,000 to rent.

Meanwhile, Chris told The New Scientist ‘One classic trick involves hiding jellybeans in carcasses. If you see a bear feeding on a dead elk in a film, you can be pretty sure that the bear was hired from a game farm and is looking for sweets hidden in the carcass by the film-makers.’

Yum! Film Crew! They Shoulda Brung the Jelly Beans

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Fake Bananas:

Madam Madusa says ‘Rent-A-Rat could be a for a nature doco or where you find an online date.’


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