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TVs are Bad.

TVs are Ugly.

The solution???

Hide them in even

 uglier decor.

1. The Invasion of the Creepy Underbed Brain Snatchers!


2. The World’s Ugliest TV Camouflage Cabinet


3. Burn the DVD: Real Flame with Home Entertainment Centre

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4.  Fake Fireplace but the TV is hot?


5. OMG! I look like a NCIS Corpse in my Bathroom Mirror TV

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6. Mirror! Mirror on the Wall Who’s the Ugliest TV of All



7. Over My Dead Body  Coffin Stacker TV Cabinet

8. Bugger the TV. Just Hide the Liquor

9. It’s Hell in my Padded Cell

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Fake Bananas:

Madam Madusa asks ‘If your life was a TV show would you watch it or click it off?’


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