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Teens fake licenses and fake IDs to buy grog, to get into nightclubs and to feel mature, sophisticated and pimple free for three minutes prior to ending the evening with their head down one or other toilet.

Sold as NOVELTY ID cards¬† along with Fake Passports are used by terrorists, Jason Bourne – if that’s his real name, the CIA and assorted creepy types for no good purpose.

But no Fake Passport is better than this:

And I bring you a quote from the Evening Mail, Scotland:
Interviewed after his release by the Austrian Border Police, Mr John Louvet, an investigative journalist, agreed that he had been travelling throughout Europe with a snap of his neighbour’s cocker spaniel ‘Chummy’ as his passport photograph. A police spokesman said ‘It was a very good likeness’.

Look at the possibilities:

Fake Bananas:

Madam Madusa says ‘to err is human, to grrr is canine!’


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