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Here are the 10 Top Beyond Belief Career Barbies:


1. Please Dr Barbie can you help me. It’s an emergency.

I can’t scratch my butt. It’s my arms. I can’t bend them.

A little to the left. Oooohhh! Nice.


2. Pastor Barbie, if you pray hard enough God will give Ken a reason to live.


3. It isn’t fair, Tennis Barbie.

Of course, there should be a Bimbo Olympics.

You’d win Gold in the High Heel Hit & Giggle Doubles, the 100m Catwalk Sashay

and the Shot Putting contest at the local Happy Hooters Bar.


4. Miss Barbie.

Why is you teaching us geografuffy? We are only 2.


5. Huston to Astronaut Barbie. Over. DO NOT … repeat … DO NOT TAKE YOUR POODLE FOR A SPACE WALK … AHHHHHHHHH!

(Funny. In space you can hear you pout.)


6. President Barbie, the speech. ‘Four score and seven doll years ago our toymakers brought forth on this continent a new doll, conceived in flibberty-gibberty, and dedicated to the proposition that no woman’s anatomy will be created equal to Barbie.’


7. Scuba Barbie, not waving, drowning!!!


8. Stewardess Barbie, you are meant to inflate the life jacket on top of your jacket not under it.


9. Fire Fighter Barbie, stop dancing to the fire alarm. It’s not music. And stop writhing on that pole. A crew member will land on your head.


10. Paratrooper Barbie. This is war. Kill those enemy Bratz dolls.

Stab them with your fingernails.

Crush them with your stiletto heels.

And torch them with your hairdryer.

Give those big-headed bitches split ends. Ha!


Fake Bananas:

Madam Madusa says ‘My favourite Barbie is TNT Barbie. BOOM. Tinkle. Tinkle. Tinkle.’.


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